Secure A Work-Based Immigration Visa To Australia

Secure A Work-Based Immigration Visa To Australia

Australia is one of the most sought-after options for people who want to get immigration to a stable country. Various options are available for immigration to Australia. Among those options, the work-based visa is very popular. For this visa, the applicant must either have an Australian employer act as a sponsor or hold a skill that will be valuable in Australia.

Using the official website

Using the official Australia immigration website, a simple tool can help you decide which immigration work visa will be suitable for you. It asks you three basic question about the category of your work skill, the duration of your stay, and whether there is a sponsor or you want to apply independently. Based on the answer to these questions, your immigration visa options are provided by the tool. 

Here are some basic options: 

Skilled independent immigration visa 

This visa allows permanent stay and work rights in Australia. It is suitable for New Zealand citizens and other workers who have been invited to apply.

Skilled regional immigration visa 

Someone who has worked and lived in certain parts of Australia earlier can use this immigration visa. Applicant can stay permanently if they are granted this visa.

Distinguished talent immigration visas

There are two types within this immigration visa category:

  1. The first distinguished talent visa is for individuals who are internationally known for their performance and achievement within their own field. This visa is for applicants outside the country, and the person must be recognized internationally in that field for at least two years. However, that field must be eligible for a permanent immigration criterion. Also, the applicant needs a nomination from an Australian or eligible New Zealander.
  2. This is a similar immigration visa but for people who are already in Australia. The conditions for this visa are same as the first type in this category.

If you are uncertain about which visa option will be suitable for your circumstances, you can check the eligibility and other requirements through this interactive link:

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