New Zealand International Scholarships

New Zealand International Scholarships

The NZ Government is offering lucrative scholarship opportunities for students from other countries if they enroll in the educational institutes of NZ and fulfill the eligibility criterion. This is a great opportunity for young and bright international students who want to study in New Zealand but cannot do so because of the expenses. Scholarships for studying in New Zealand make it easier to bear all the expenditures that come as being an international student.

Eligible countries for scholarship

Students from most countries in all continents are eligible for these scholarships. Students whose age is eighteen or above can apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship amount

Scholarship amount includes living allowance as well as a full waiver of the tuition fee. Allowance is given for settling it. In addition, it also covers the expense of medical insurance. Travel funds are given subject to the duration of the scholarship. Monetary aid is given for thesis and research.

Fields of study

The scholarship is offered for the Postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in the fields of study that are most related to the expansion needs of the country such as disaster risk management, or agriculture development. Fields of study can be relevant to either private sector development or public sector development of the applicant’s own country.

English requirements

All the education universities and institutions have designated some minimum level of English proficiency. Applicants need to fulfill the minimum criterion of English proficiency to seek admission and be eligible for the scholarship.

Requirements for work experience

The assessment of scholarship prefers applicants who intend to study courses that are relevant to their work experience. Applicants who demonstrate a willingness to continue work in the current job sector when they complete their chosen scholarships are preferred.

Interested applicants can apply here at the official MFAT website:


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