Immigrate to USA – Get the Green Card for Free

Immigrate to USA - Get the Green Card for Free


Immigration to America in an official and legal way

Get an American visa and green card through the American lottery

Despite the current crisis in the world, the US government has opened the door to immigrate to the USA, to obtain a green card and then USA citizenship and passport, for more than 50 thousand people.

This program is not new, but it is done annually and under the name “The Diversity Visa Program” or “US Visa Lottery”.

The important thing is that this immigration is completely free and has no conditions, even if you do not know English and even if you do not have a high qualification.

Advantages of the Diversity Visa Program

The US immigration lottery program provides you with many benefits such as:

• Immigration is completely free and the application does not require fees of any kind
• The application is made online and there is no need for any documents, only your data and a personal photo
• Immigration guarantees you official residence in the United States and the acquisition of citizenship for you and your family
• Being in the United States guarantees that you will receive the help of official US recruitment agencies to get a job
• If you are unable to get a job upon arrival in the United States, the government will provide you with unemployment benefits.
• The US government provides free education and free medical care for you and your family.
• You and your family can apply, and your wife can submit a separate application to increase your chance of acceptance

What is the Diversity Visa Program?

A program presented by the US government since 1995 to attract 50,000 new immigrants annually every year from all countries of the world to come and settle in the United States. The application begins annually on the Internet and the results are announced annually.

And you can apply for immigration personally without the need to deal with any company or lawyer.
Is it possible to apply for American stringers from our own countries?

The application is available to all residents of Arab, African and Asian countries, except for citizens of some countries such as Canada, Brazil, India, England, the Philippines, Mexico and Bolivia. Therefore, applying to all countries with us is allowed without problems.

Conditions for applying for the US visa lottery

  • Be at least 18 years old when applying for immigration
  • That you properly record your data without any incorrect information
  • That you properly register your photo according to the specifications and without any modification in it (you can go to any photography studio in your country and request photography according to immigration specifications and this matter is known to all photographers)
  • That you apply only once a year and do not enter more than one application at the same time.

How to apply for the US visa lottery
Application is made on the website provided by the US Department of Immigration for immigration via the following link … Click here to read the rest of the details

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