Express Entry Federal Program For Immigration To Canada

Express Entry Federal Program For Immigration To Canada

The government of Canada offers Express Entry for skilled workers through federal programs. This category works based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Points are awarded according to the credibility of the candidates. Skilled workers who have work experience in foreign countries are eligible for this program and have higher chances of getting accepted.  

Eligibility criterion

The criterion for this program is based on the skill of the individual. Education and work experience in a related field is also a mandatory requirement. A Canadian or American degree or diploma is always preferable and more reliable for the employees and gets you more score as compared to any other educational experience.

Other requirements

The ability to speak English fluently and in addition to this, any other foreign language is a plus point and makes the case stronger. The age of the candidate is another vital factor, as younger candidates are preferred as they will be of service for a longer period of time. However, older candidates with more experience can compensate in this category with their experience in the relevant field of expertise.

How to improve chances?

If the candidate has already arranged for employment in Canada, then that is another plus point. Looking for an employment opportunity in your field of expertise and applying online and getting accepted makes your way easier for immigration.

Look for jobs online

Search for classified ads to look for your desired position or job and see if you fulfill their requirements.  Adaptability is another aspect that matters as more flexibility allows you to settle quickly and well in the new place and situations.    

Where to apply?

If you are confident about fulfilling the criterion for Express Entry for skilled workers for immigration to Canada, you can apply here:

If you need any assistance or information, reach out to us for further details.

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