35 New Hourly Jobs (From 17$-65$)

35 New Hourly Jobs (From 17$-65$)

A lot of people think that hourly jobs pay less than fixed salary jobs , but that’s not always correct. some hourly jobs pay 65$ per hour. Search and apply for hundreds of hourly vacancies (From 17$-65$ per hour)

1- Online Researcher (21$ Hourly)

Lead Researcher:
• Research collect and populate Excel/CSV spreadsheet (Heli_School_Comparison_Chart.xls – template provided)
• Data collection method www, phone call, reviewer sites, data analytics/statistics sites, etc…
• Starting point: link to known Part 61 helicopter schools –

High School/College – Computer savvy

Proficient with Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Time management, Data Organizational

Part 61 flight schools in USA, Canada & Mexico


2- Admin Support for an online website (20$ Hourly)

We’re looking for a person that can provide online admin and data entry support for our online training platform. The initial responsibilities will be to review and assess online training submissions from learners using guidance from a provided answer key.

We are a growing company and the role has an opportunity to grow.


As you will be providing guidance to learners, we need you to have the following skills and experience:

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability and responsiveness
  • Maturity
  • Courteousness
  • English Fluency

We will be conducting interviews via Zoom. Please ensure that you have a camera enabled device.

3- Virtual Assistant for clerical and research (13$ Hourly)

– Organize existing social media content, make basic edits, and schedule posts on Buffer.
– Organize existing email drafts, make basic edits, and schedule on Aweber.
– Data entry content from images for future use.
– Search on Google to find source documents from bibliographies provided.
– Potentially create simple social media graphics.

4- Java Developer (45$ Hourly)

Updating current web application and add an additional notification API integrating with the utility company’s APIs without changing the current web application.

Required experience: Web application development & deployment using third-party APIs, OAuth 2.0, Node.js, Webpack, React, and Azure Web Service experience preferred.

Requirements for Data Exchange (Notify URI)
o This API should be accessible to Utility once Batch request’s response is processed from the source location which is the utility company’s APIs.
o This URI will be invoked by the source location internally once Batch API’s request is processed.
o This API (Method: POST), request body will include one or more download link in ATOM Feed format one in each entry. Each link will contain data up to 25 Mb.
o Notification API should return response code of 200 OK (on successful execution) to Utility which will mark the request ‘completed’ in the source system.
o This API should be able to handle and control the response processed by the source API.
o Response will be available for processing only for 48 hours from the time it is generated, post which this new API will have to re-initiate the source asynchronous request to access the required consumption data.

5- SharePoint Online Developer (75$ Hourly)

The Stephen Gould Corporation is seeking a talented Microsoft SharePoint expert to assist in finalizing a custom solution for our Supplier Management department. The SharePoint site we are looking to complete needs the following features built out by the freelancer:

1) Complete the SharePoint Modern Search Engine with Refiners correlating to our Taxonomy structure
2) Connect List tables containing supplier data and generate performance reports
3) Optimize Workflows for data entry
4) Advise on site architecture and provide expertise in finalizing the site
5) Reporting features utilizing PowerBi

Required Experience:
– 5+ years developing SharePoint solutions
– Expert in SharePoint Search Schema & result configuration
– PowerBi
– Data mapping across multiple SharePoint Lists
– PowerApps

You will be working side by side with our director of Supply Chain in configuring the final touches of the system, and your expertise will be needed in the site architecture.

6- Customer Support Agent (17$ Hourly)

You will be responding to customers by processing form data and customer attributes. Researching customer accounts via CRM system and labeling the contact via ticketing system. All customer responses are automated. There is no requirement for free form responses and customer-facing interaction. Must have a computer and a stable internet connection to complete these tasks.

All systems and training are in the English language.

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