Understanding Canada Immigration Process

Understanding Canada Immigration Process

Canada is one of the top destinations for people who are looking for a prosperous and peaceful place to live. The relatively small population of this country has tons of opportunities for the newcomers looking to start anew. On top of all this, the immigration procedure is not complicated either. There are numerous options available, and everyone is sure to find something that suits their tastes.

Why to Immigrate to Canada?

  • A monthly Unemployment benefit up to 2300$ for any resident with no jobs
  • Free health coverage insurance for all citizens and residents
  • Governmental support for housing
  • Free Education for you and your family members
  • You can travel to any countries with your Canadian passport with no visa
  • You will have the right to live and work on other countries like USA without any restrictions.

1- Immigration to Canada through Express Entry System

2- Immigration to New Zealand

Take a look at some types of services offered to those looking to immigrate to Canada:

Express Entry: This is the service offered for those who are skilled workers that are looking into immigration to Canada. If one is eligible, they can submit their profile. Once they are invited, they can also apply for permanent residence. Click here to read more about Express Entry

Family Sponsorship: If a person over the age of 18 is a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, they are eligible to sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada. The condition is that they should be able to support the coming family members financially. There are different requirements for different relatives.

Provincial Nominees: In this program, a province or territory nominates workers according to its streams and requirements. Provinces may aim to nominate students, business people, skilled, and semi-skilled workers through to this program.

Start-up Visa: It is possible for a person to immigrate to Canada by starting businesses, supporting other entrepreneurs, or creating jobs.

Self-employed: This process is exclusively for self-employed persons who have experience in and are interested in cultural activities and athletics, and are willing to make contributions in these fields.

Most of the applicants get their processing done in 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of immigration. Similarly, the cost of the procedure also differs according to the category opted. The immigration consultant firms and correspondents can provide you an estimate based on the immigration type.   

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