Apply for U.S Green Card Lottery – Immigrate to USA Now

Apply for U.S Green Card Lottery - Immigrate to USA Now


Apply for U.S Green Card Lottery – Immigrate to the USA Now


Steps to apply for lottery immigration to America
We talked about the Green Card immigration program through the US visa lottery program and made it clear that it does not need a specific qualification and does not require proficiency in the language, and the applicant to immigration does not incur fees of any kind when applying.

How is the application process for immigration and green card done?
The form is filled out with your data and your family data on the Internet with personal photos of all the applicants, then you wait between 5-7 months and the winners are notified via their contact information, and then they give you a period of up to one year to travel to America and settle there.

After you travel to America, they qualify you in the English language, as well as learn about the culture and history of American society, and help you get a job to integrate into society.

Characteristics of the personal photo

The biggest mistakes that lead to the rejection of your immigration application form is the personal image problems, and despite its simplicity, the majority always make mistakes because of this matter, and the following is an overview of those specifications

There are certain specifications for the image, and the image must include:

  • The personal photo size must be 600 x 600 pixels.
  • That the photo is recent, less than 6 months old, and provided that the background of the photo is white.
  • That the image is taken without a head covering, whether this cover is a traditional costume or cap, or the like, and photography with the veil is permitted, of course, provided that the features of the face are complete.
  •  That the person’s head represents 50% of the total area of ​​the image.
  • Not to laugh in the photo and not to wear any glasses on the face, even if the glasses are medical.
  •  The quality of the image should be jpeg without any modifications to the image in any way.
  •  Do not wear headphones in the ears or wear large headphones while shooting.
  • Do not close the eye while taking the photo.
  •  Not to make any modifications to the image in any way.

The easiest, as we mentioned, is to go to a photography studio and explain to him that you want a picture of immigration and give it to you on flash memory, by e-mail, or on mobile, to upload it on the immigration website.

Are there any fees for the US visa lottery?

There is no fee of any kind to apply, there are some offices or companies that may offer to help you to fill in the form for a fee, but this is not compulsory and does not give you a priority and filling the form is easy and you can do it on your own.

How to apply for the US visa lottery
The application is made on the website provided by the US Department of Immigration for immigration via the following link:

And you can apply personally without the need to deal with any company or lawyer.

In case of any inquiry, you can ask the questions, and we will inform you with the answer as soon as possible

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